Pony Club Tests

The Pony Club Training structure encourages Members to take tests which enables them to learn progressively about horse and pony care and riding. There are minimum ages recommended for each test and they are designed with certain objectives in mind, to help Members become practical and knowledgeable riders, proficient in caring for horses and ponies.

The full structure can be found here:

Pony Club Test Structure

Full details and requirements for each test can be found here:

Efficiency Tests


We will invite members to take their tests when we feel they are ready, we want the children to feel confident so we won't put candidates forward unless we feel they are fully prepared. Upon passing a test you will be awarded a certificate and a coloured felt which should be worn under your Pony Club badge.


B+ to A Test training is done at Area Level only.


B Test Training                                                                                                                 

B Test training for Stable Management and Riding is taken by Heidi Reed, those eligible for training will be contacted by Heidi and the rally organiser. The B Test is organised at Area Level in the summer. Entries are made by the DC, only when the candidate has achieved the correct level of training.


C+ Test Training                                                                                                                 

C+ training is arranged by Heidi Reed. For most of our members they will take their C+ test a minimum of 2 years after their C Test and after attending the appropriate training. Those who are eligible will be contacted by the training organiser, candidates will only be put forward for the test when the correct level of training has been achieved. At least one external examiner is compulsory at this level and it takes the form of a very formal examination.


D+ & C Test Training

This is ongoing throughout the year and as part of our regular mounted and unmounted rallies which are all taught with the efficiency test syllabus in mind.  There are regular indoor stable management rallies in the winter and these move onto the yard in the spring alongside ridden rallies.  The D+ and C tests are more "formal" examinations, an outside examiner will take the test.  It normally takes a Minimum of 1 year from D to D+ and 2 years from D+ to C to reach the required standard.


E to D Test Training                                                                                                       

This is ongoing as part of our regular mounted and unmounted rallies, these are less formal tests and candidates will be offered the opportunity to take them when they are ready.